How long will it take:

This is will depend of what you are wanting from counselling. Some people come with something specific that they want to bring and have a focus. Others may come with a less apparent need but something has come up in life that has meant that you are unable to cope or are in distress. These things may need more time and our work will be more open ended. This is something we can discuss in our initial consultation. Usually I find it takes 4 sessions to start to get settled and then I assess at 6 weeks to see how things are going and whether you feel you want to carry on.


The length of the session:

Our initial session is around 20 minutes long.  This session is informal and is an opportunity for you to decide whether you feel comfortable working with me and also is for me to decide whether I am the right counsellor for you. I often do this over the phone but if you are keen to meet me I can arrange this.

After the initial session we will have an assessment session where I will find out more about you and what your goals are in coming to counselling. This session is 60 minutes long.

I advise for our sessions to be weekly and they carry on lasting for 60 minutes also.

How much are the counselling sessions charged at:

My initial 20 minute consultation is free of charge, sessions from there on are charged at £50 for 60 minute sessions.

I do offer reduced priced sessions for people who genuinely cannot afford the full fee, please ask and then we can discuss this further.


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